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Expungement of Records Can Free You from the Past

​If you have ever been charged with a criminal offense, that charge is part of your permanent record, even if it was ultimately dismissed. It is there for potential employers to see and could hinder employment opportunities and cause other problems. With the help of Sawyer Law, an expungement of records can clear your criminal record of past charges to help you make a real fresh start.

Expungement Laws in NC Have Changed

​An expungement (also called expunction) is a process that "seals" or erases a criminal charge in the eyes of the law. In the past, only one expungement was allowed in a lifetime. Recent changes in North Carolina law have made it possible to have multiple offenses expunged. However, there are limiting factors. Call Sawyer Law today at 336-274-5552 to see if you are a good candidate for this process. The initial consultation with an experienced lawyer is FREE, and our fees for this process are incredibly reasonable.

A Blemished Criminal Record Causes Problems

​We all make mistakes occasionally, but hopefully, we learn from them. And sometimes you can be charged with a crime even if you are totally innocent! Sure, the charges might be dismissed, but the fact that you were charged lingers on your record. It might be a shoplifting charge you faced years ago that was dismissed because the court agreed that you were innocent. Perhaps it's an assault charge an acquaintance brought against you when he was angry but then asked the court to drop. Whatever it is, it can cause problems even though it was dismissed. Employers, landlords, universities, and others sometimes want a look at your criminal record. You might not even be aware that the reason you did not get the last few jobs you applied for was that your criminal record was blemished and cast a cloud of doubt that made those potential employers look at the next candidate rather than take a chance on you. An expungement of records can help clear things up. Call Sawyer Law for a FREE consultation at 336-274-5552.


Free Yourself from the Past for Good!

Having a clear record for potential employers, landlords, and others can be extremely important to your future. With many looking to improve their situation once these difficult times are behind us, you don't want something from your past clouding your future. Even if the charges on your record were dismissed without a trial or you were found not guilty by the court, they will still be on your criminal record, creating uncertainty that may disturb people who do not know you well. They will wonder why you were charged and why the charges were dismissed. They might think you worked a deal or had friends in high places. For them to assume you were totally innocent is unlikely, even if that is true. Why worry about this if you can clear the record for good?

Easy Access and Low Attorney Fees

Call our law office in Greensboro, NC, any time at 336-274-5552. During the week, we answer calls or check messages until 9 P.M. On weekends, leave a message, and we will promptly return your call. In most cases, a short consultation over the phone with an expungement lawyer will be all that is needed to begin the process. You do not even need to leave the comfort of your own home to begin preparing for a better future! Our fees are flat and very reasonable. We will tell you before you start what you will owe. Payment plans are also accepted. Call us today so we can get started! 

Expunctions are Even Available for Some Convictions

​Under certain circumstances, expunctions are available for convictions of non-violent misdemeanors or low-level felonies. The requirements for expunctions of convictions are very complex. Your eligibility may depend on how much time has passed since the conviction, your age at the time of the offense, whether you've had any other charges, and several other factors. The experienced lawyers at Sawyer Law can look at your situation and see if you qualify. It could be the beginning of a bright new future for you.

Hiring a Lawyer is an Important Decision

Hiring a lawyer to help you with this process is an important decision. Wendell H. Sawyer, the source and inspiration of Sawyer Law, was recognized by Martindale-Hubbell as an outstanding attorney. He took the time to listen and investigate every single case that came his way to achieve the best possible outcome. He looked at all the details and explored every avenue available to help his clients. We continue to follow "Wendell's Way" with every case we take.

Call Today – You Have Nothing to Lose

​Call today and ask for a FREE consultation to begin the expunction process. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. This could be the opening to a brighter, better future for you. Call 336-274-5552 for expert legal services today. We are ready to help you.

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