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DMV Hearings and More Can Get You Back on the Road

So something that happened in the past has caused a problem with your license. You may have just received a letter from the NC Division of Motor Vehicles informing you that your license will be revoked on a certain date. You may have been stopped for a minor traffic offense, and the officer informed you that your license is revoked, and you were unaware of it. Maybe you've known it for a while but did not know what to do or how to get things straightened out. Sawyer Law PA can help you in any of these situations with DMV Hearings and more. The sooner you act, the better. Sometimes taking quick action can stop a process before the fines and fees get out of control. An experienced lawyer at Sawyer Law can help you get your license straightened out so that you can get back on the road.

If You Get a Letter from the NC Division of Motor Vehicles...

​Often, the first hint that many people have a problem with their license is a letter from the NC Division of Motor Vehicles. You may have received a ticket in the past that you crammed in your glove box and forgot. You might have missed your court date or forgotten to pay the court costs and fines. Perhaps you paid a ticket off and did not realize that you would go over the limit of points allowed on your license with it. There are many reasons why your license may be in danger of being revoked. And in many cases, there are ways to stop this process before the fines, fees, and trouble mount up. Call Sawyer Law PA today at 336-274-5552 for a FREE consultation. We can help you figure out the problem and how best to straighten things out.

It is Important to Act Fast in Many Cases

​When you get a letter from the NCDMV about a license revocation, they will state a specific date that this will go into effect. The revocation usually begins at midnight on the eve of the date in the letter. You cannot wait until the Friday afternoon before this date to call a lawyer. No one will be able to help you figure out the problem, let alone correct it before the revocation goes into effect. Once your license is revoked, there are fines and fees prescribed by law that you must pay before you can get your license back. Don't let this happen. Call Sawyer Law at 336-274-5552 today for professional and prompt legal services, and let us help you get things straightened out before they get worse!

Driving with a Revoked License Carries Serious Penalties

​Regardless of why your license is revoked, the charge of driving with a revoked license has serious penalties. In addition to the high fines and fees demanded by the State, you may also face the possibility of jail time if convicted. Consequently, if your license is revoked, you do not want to take the chance of driving until your license is restored. Being unable to drive can wreak havoc on your life, making it difficult, if not impossible, to get to work or whatever else you may have to do. Don't let your life get tangled up in knots. Our law firm can help you sort this out before it gets complicated. But, if it has already snowballed on you, don't worry. We can help you sort that out, too.

Flat, Affordable Attorney Fees

​The attorney fees at Sawyer Law are very affordable, and we'll inform you what you will owe upfront. If this is one of those cases that has to be handled quickly, you'll find that our fees will make it possible to begin immediately. In some cases, if your license has already become bogged down and is a jumbled mess that needs to be sorted out, you may be able to set up a payment plan. Call today for a FREE consultation to find out what we need to do and how we can help you put this worry behind you. Call 336-274-5552 for the advice you need to act immediately.

Easy Access and Convenience at Sawyer Law

Don't wait and let valuable time slip away. Call us any time for a FREE consultation with an experienced lawyer at 336-274-5552. During the week, we answer calls and check messages until 9 P.M. On weekends, leave a message, and we will promptly return your call. If you need to discuss your case outside of regular office hours, we can accommodate you. Whether you talk to us over the phone, online, or at our office in Greensboro, NC, it is up to you. At Sawyer Law PA we are ready to help you with our expert attorney services.

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