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Sawyer Law Is the Place to Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Sawyer Law is the place to find a criminal defense lawyer who can handle all your traffic and misdemeanor charges.  It is a small firm that offers individual attention to each and every client.  Wendell H. Sawyer, the source and inspiration of Sawyer Law, opened his law practice in Greensboro in 1980.  For over 40 years Wendell helped people with their problems.  He took the time to REALLY listen to their story, and REALLY listen to the complications of their lives that made the outcome of each case so important.  Because of the care Wendell took with each case he was recognized as an outstanding attorney by Martindale Hubbell as long ago as 1995.  At Sawyer Law we carry on the legacy left by Wendell H. Sawyer.  We continue to follow "Wendell's Way" with every case entrusted to us.  Your ticket, your complication, is OUR problem once you leave it with us.  We will work to get you the best outcome possible!

Sawyer Law is a Little Bit Different

At Sawyer Law you'll find that we do things a little bit differently.  Some of the things you may like about us include:

     FREE Consultations - That's right.  Just call us and talk with an experienced lawyer to find out what your options are.  You don't pay us just to talk.

     Flat Attorney Fees - Once you talk to us, we'll tell you up front what you will owe to us.  No guessing, no increasing costs every time you call to talk.

     Payment Plans - In most cases payment plans are available and can be adjusted to suit your needs.  Our fees are very reasonable, though, so in many cases you'll find a plan is not necessary.

     Easy Access - Call us any time at 336-274-5552.  We answer calls or check messages throughout the week and on weekends, too, until 9 p.m.  If you don't get an answer, leave a message and we'll call you back.

     Convenience - Whether you talk to us over the phone, in our office or on-line is your choice.  Lost your papers?  We can usually get copies for you.  Need time to pay, or time to talk outside normal business hours?  We'll try to accommodate.

This is the way that Wendell Sawyer ran his law practice for the last 40 years, and how we do things still at Sawyer Law.  Call today for a FREE consultation. We are here to help you at  336-274-5552

If We Can't Help You, We'll Help Find Someone Who Can

Sometimes you may have a problem that started in another county, possibly even another state.  Sometimes we may feel that we don't have the time to take on your particular case.  Under the direction of Wendell H. Sawyer we have been redirecting people to others who can help them if we cannot for years.  We have carried on this tradition and will be happy to give you any tips we can to help you secure good representation.  Call 336-274-5552 today with your questions.

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